Cann Art's Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the waterslide decals?

A: The decals are created in a similar process to screen printing using ceramic paints. The artwork must be color seperated because each color is applied to the decal. The decal is then dried and a cover slip is placed over it to protect it. The decal is then applied to a ceramic product and fired in a kiln for approximately 12 hours at 1400 Degrees. They then are a permanent part of the ceramic product and will not scratch off or fade.

Q: What is the average turn around time for a NEW MUG order?

A: If we have the decals in stock the average turn around time is 2 weeks. If we must produce a NEW decal this increases the time.

Q: Does Cann Art provide rush services for last minute orders?

A: Rush orders are available but rush charges will apply.